Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cookies, biscuits, and brownies oh my!

Phase 4, Week 1, Day 3

Lecture: Cookies
Demo./Production: Cheese Biscuits and Brownies

Did you know there are seven types of cookies? AND that brownies are a type of cookie? Weird! Today we discussed the various types including:
Dropped- chocolate chip
Bagged- spritz
Rolled- sugar
Molded- peanut butter
Sheet- brownies

For you home bakers out there here are some tips for your cookies.
1) Crispier- You want low moisture and high sugar and fat. A longer baking time and a small and thin shape.

2) Softer- More liquid, less sugar and fat. Add an invert sugar like molasses or honey, under bake, and have larger or thicker shapes.

3) Chewier- Higher in sugar and liquid, lower in fat. High proportion of eggs and strong gluten development.

Our production today consisted of Cheese Biscuits using the Cut In or Biscuit method with cold fat and Brownies. Jeremy and I added peanut butter to ours. Yummo!!! The biscuits were fabulous! The brownies will need to chill for a few hours, we'll get to eat them tomorrow.

Chef Karen performing the biscuit method 
Flaky Cheese Biscuits

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