Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DONE!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!

Phase 3, Week 6, Days 27 & 28

Ok- Let's say I'm pretty much done with this phase. Christmas break starts this week and I'm off of work at the club after my shift on Friday night. Needless to say I'm tired and done with having a practical every day. Our last two days, although we've done our final already, we still have regular practicals to do.

Day 27
Plate 1- Seared Bass with Sauce Charon and Quinoa Salad
Plate 2- Bass Pauppiets with Sauce Vin Blanc

Day 28
Plate 3- Lobster- choice of preparation
Plate 4- Oysters- choice of preparation

Both days were conducted the same way with a demo the first half of class and production the second half. The days ran very smoothly, without incidence or anything amazing happening.

Seared Bass- Good. 98%
Pauppiets-  Good, nice presentation. 100%
Lobster Risoto- Risotto a bit under done. 100% (just for showing up....)
Oyster- On the half shell with lobster and white wine sauce. Should have poached the oyster in the sauce prior to service. Who knew? 100% (again, just for showing up)

Overall, I got a 91% in the class. I barley overcame the deficit I received from the two days I missed the first week. Crazy! I can't believe some kids miss a day each week or more and still pass. Amazing.

Seared Bass, not my favorite....

Bass Paupiette

George, the lobster, and Jeremy

George and Risotto

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  1. Please note, don't be confused by the posting dates. They are not accurate. Since I got so far behind over the holidays the dates are three weeks off, but I wanted to stay congruent in my writing tense and remain in the present and not in past tense. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks Marti for pointing it out.