Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

Week 2, Day 10

Not much going on today in class. We received our first papers back and got overall grades thus far for the two classes. We also learned how to make both fish stock and vegetable stocks. Again, a bit difficult with so many students all trying to help make one item. Everyone got one little job to do and that was it, your part was done. Some personalities are beginning to come through during the production, pretty funny really. I just did my little job (made the sashet) and stood back and watched the ciaos ensue. Eventually, I had several others join me as we enjoyed the show going on before us. Hopefully, it will all shake out and as we get into the more advances classes we will be working in smaller groups or individually. We finished up the week with some more knife cuts, check out Jarrod's work below. I am finally getting faster and more accurate at basic cuts (YEAH!), but I've taken a break from tornes. They seem to be getting worse. I'll try again next week.
Jarrod's Tornes

Fish Bones for Stock
Tasting the Stock

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