Thursday, August 26, 2010

How many culinary students does it take?

How many beginning culinary students does it take to make chicken stock? Apparently 24. After finishing our first practical exam on knife cuts (I got at 96% BTW- stupid tournes) we strained the veal stock from the demo yesterday and placed it in an ice bath. It should be illegal for stuff to smell this good so early in the morning. The veal stock looked disgusting, but smelled awesome.

Chef Sara, then turned us loose to make chicken stock as a group. It was like Lord of the Flies!!! There were, let's just say, too many Chefs in the kitchen. Come on, I couldn't resist. LOL. We conducted a recipe conversion to ensure we were going to yield the appropriate amount of stock per our instructions. Some students cut the mirepoux, some measured out chicken or spices. I got to bundle up the spices and make the sachet. Ta-da we had ingredients for chicken stock and then again we ran out of time so Chef Sara took care of putting it all together for us.... until tomorrow.

Practical 1

Weighing chicken
Straining veal stock


  1. I love reading your updates!!! It sounds like you are doing great and really enjoying your new experience!

  2. Gross, chicken & beef stock! (says the vegetarian...)