Monday, August 23, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Week 2, Day 6-
You'd think knife cuts would be fairly easy once it's explained how to do them and when time really isn't a factor. But, the measurements that are required for each cut are so exact it's annoying. In the ballpark for size and shape, pardon my pun, doesn't cut it for a good grade. So, I spent a few hours at the restaurant on Sunday morning practicing knife cuts. The staff got a ton of hash browns for breakfast. Mmmm.... Sunday was also my first time cooking on the grill at the restaurant. Funny how things perceptions change. For some reason, now that I'm in culinary school, I'm now qualified to cook. Even though we haven't even gone near the stove yet at school.

In class tonight; we did, you guessed it, more knife cuts. One of the instructors, as he was watching me tourne, asked if Chef Bruce assisted in the morning class I usually attend. I responded with "Yes, why"? He said Chef Bruce had a very specific technique and my cuts resembled his. I'm not sure if he intended the comment to be good or bad, but I took it as a compliment.

We have 3 tests this week, one practical and two written. So it's more practice, practice, and more practice for me.

Looks like practice does make perfect

Practicing at Nonna's


  1. Whohoo for some extra practice this weekend! I would think that if you are mimicking a teacher, it should be good... that's my opinion, not that it count's for much!

  2. sure! If the cuts were recognizable that's a success!