Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Week 5, Day 21

Back to the night class on Mondays. I've come to hate Mondays, because It's so hard to leave Rhys. But the weeks tend to go by very quickly with the turn around Monday night to Tuesday morning.

Well today was a bit of a bust. Chef Eddie was out of town visiting the Chicago LCB campus last week. He had a few lectures to catch up on. Both of which I had already had last week..... I guess it doesn't hurt to hear the same info more than once, plus he always adds very colorful stories to his lectures and a different spin on the context.

We did discuss the denaturing of proteins which was new. Denaturing is to change the molecular shape of a protein. This can be done in one of seven ways:

1. Acid (use of lemon or vinegar)
2. Heat
3. Salt (tenderizer)
4. Time (example: dry aged beef)
5.Physical Agitation (use of a mallet)
6. Alcohol (an acid but has different properties than lemon or vinegar)
7. UV Radiation (microwave- not approved of in a professional kitchen)

I also learned about a new chochlatier: Norman Love Confections. Chef Eddie is a personal friend of Norman and a huge fan of the product, I can't wait to try them out!!!!

No Lab today. Missed the demo of saute and poach because of the timing of the classes....

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