Thursday, September 16, 2010

Soup...Soup...HACCP Plan

Week 5, Day 23

The five soups we will cover in this class are: In the Clear Soup category: Consomme; Thick Soups: Chowder, Puree, and Bisque; and Specialty/National Soups: Gazpocho.

Today we listened to a Servesafe lecture, walked through a HACCP plan exercise, MORE knife cuts, and the Chefs demoed both consumme and french onion.

A HACCP plan can control risks and hazards throughout the flow of food with in an operation or restaurant. Once the hazards are identified they can be prevented, eliminated, or reduced to safe levels. In order to be effective these plans should be written down and they are specific to each operation. These plans area not required unless there are special circumstances in your operation that would require you to have a plan written our. As an exercise we took the popular item of Chicken Salad and walked each ingredient through the seven HACCP principles.  Thank God they have software for this kind of stuff!! I can't imagine doing this for each menu item. Again, it wouldn't be necessary but the Safety Patrol in me might think otherwise (thanks Jessica).

On to better things....

A Consumme is a bit of an acquired taste, it's uniqueness lies not in it's taste but in the skill level that is required to make it. In order to get the soup so perfectly clear a raft is created using the mirepoix, ground beef and egg. This all binds together and draws out the impurities in the stock. It takes some amount of skill to  create the raft, strain and degrease properly. Chef Bruce did an outstanding job, see below....

French Onion- What can I say, not a big fan. This one was ok, but the onions defiantly needed more time to cook.

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