Wednesday, September 8, 2010

F1 Mid Term

Week 4, Day 18

Test day. We had two tests again today. This time I wasn't nervious because I knew what to expect. We had some issues with the computer set up again so a group of us headed to the computer lab to take the tests. We got a late start, but at least we had chairs to sit in.

I received a 93% and a 97% this time around. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Woof! We will have a practical on Friday over mayo and holindaise, large dice, and tournes. Tournes are the baine of my existance. Yuck!

After the tests, we had practice time and Chef Sara demoed Roast Chicken. Man did that chicken smell good!! It also could have been all the other wonderful smells coming from the other kitchens down the hall. I've posted a picture of what F3 was doing today, lamb. That was the same dish they were doing the day I visited the school. That was only 12 weeks ago!? Just think in 12 short weeks, we'll be doing the same thing. Cool.

F3 Lamb Shank

Edward Chickenhands