Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fried Chicken Friday!!

Week 4, Day 20

Second Practical today. We performed two knife cuts (tourne and large dice) and  made hollendaise and mayo. Everything went very smoothly for me. I made sure I had my mise en place set up before I started and just took my time and began with one item and moved to the next. I scored a 99%, 99.75 out of 100 points. Got marked off for my hollendaise being too thick. I knew when I submitted it, it was too thick, but it was cooling very quickly and I didn't want to take the chance on it getting even thicker as it cooled. I had already  had to thin it out and then re-season a couple of times. I just had to say it was finished and be done with it.

To finish up the day Chef Bruce made Fried Chicken, if you'll remember from yesterday, it's one of the 7 classic cooking techniques. The demo was full of both students and chefs sharing their grandma's recipes. It was quite informative and fun!!! My grandma would have been proud, I think hers was better than what we had today.

Dipping the Chicken

And let it FRY!!!

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  1. Eric wants you to make eggs benedict with your hollendaise sauce:)