Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Foundations II

Phase 2, Week 1, Day 1

One Phase down five to go.  Foundations II is a bit more aggressive than Foundations I. I guess, I would hope it would be, after all I’m not paying all this money to hang out and do knife cuts for 3 hours a day. We opened up class with intros to the class and the new instructor, Chef Kim (I am still attending the night class on Mondays with approval from both Chef instructors). I like Chef Kim, she is very energetic and you can see she enjoys teaching. She has a background in cooking and management of several area chain restaurants. She brings to the table the experience that most of my fellow classmates will have. Large scale casual dining. She is also able to add the full picture for both the front and back of the house, which is very helpful.

In this class we will focus on calculating basic ratios and yields, produce stocks, primary and secondary sauces, demonstrate vegetable, starch, and egg cookery and display fresh pasta making.  That’s a lot for six weeks. We didn’t waist any time and jumped right in making veal stock. Once we were done with that task and the pots were simmering away, we had a test. I know! A test! It was a knife skill assessment. We had 10 minutes to complete four tourne, 10 battonet, 10 jullian. I finished the battonet, jullian and two tourne. Not too bad. We finished the night cleaning. Basically doing the deep cleaning that didn’t get done by the classes from the last session.  After day one this class seemed to be ok!

Knife Cut Assessment 

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