Friday, September 24, 2010

Finals Week

Week 6, Days 26-29

We did a lot of testing this week and a ton of cleaning. Each day ended with cleaning the kitchen from top to botton. Not sure what the other two classes who use the same room did, but we cleaned every single thing that wasn't nailed down and all the things that were nailed down as well. As for tests, Monday we took an open book Servesafe exam and Tuesday were reviewed and practiced. Wednesday we took both our Servesafe certification and our FI examination. Both were comprehensive tests from info over the last 6 weeks. I rocked out a 91% on the Servesafe (highest grade in the class) and a 98% on the F1 test. Both a bit of a surprise to me, but, hey, I'll take it! Thursday was our practical day we had 1.5 hours to complete hollindaise, mayo. 2 tourne, 6 battone, 6 julliane, 4 each of large, medium, and small dice, and 1 Tbsp of brunois. I finished with about 22 minutes remaining and received a 100% (-.25 for inconstant battone). Overall I received a 99% and a 97% in the two classes. I have never done that in my life!!!! Now I know how the smart kids felt in high school. We had Friday off for end of term processing etc......

Look Ma! Chairs! Just in time for final exams!!!!


  1. Good job. Keep going. Even if you might not be able to post more due to time constraint, we all wish you the best. Glad to know that you are doing so well.