Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Week 5, Day 22

Soup is the word of the day. I love soup!!!! We had a short lecture on the three basic categories of soup;
Clear, Thick, and Speciality/National. I figured there would have been way more categories because there are so many types of soup. Just google "types of soup" and see what you get....We will basically just cover five types in this class, again, the Chef Instructors will demo and we'll make them on our own next phase, just in time for fall. Rock On!

For the history buffs out there. According to the Nibble, an online food magazine, our word soup comes from French soupe, which derived from Latin suppa, from the post-classical Latin verb suppare, to soak, which indicated bread soaked in broth, or a liquid poured onto a piece of bread. In Germanic languages, the word sop, referred to a piece of bread used to soak up soup or a thick stew. The word entered the English language in the seventeenth century exactly as that: soup pored over “sops” of bread or toast (which evolved into croutons). Prior to then, soups were called broth or pottage and these terms are still used classical cooking today.

Shrimp Bisque was the soup of the day. A bisque is generally made from seafood, but not always (think tomato bisque), thickened with cream and it's named after it's primary ingredient.

Lab: More cutting. I am so board of cutting......

Shrimp Bisque; From this.... this! Yumo!

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