Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back in Class

Phase 3, Week 2, Day 6

I attended my regular AM class today because I had missed the two days last week and feared I'd miss more information specific to my class. It was odd to be here on a Monday morning. I was glad I showed, because I found out we were going to have our fist written test on Tuesday. I was able to get all of the pertinent info I needed to have a successful test result. The evening class took their test on Monday. Wow! I dodged that one!

We spent the day watching a demo of Ballontine Grandmere, ladka's and grilled veggies and reviewing for our test. The structure of this class is very interesting. With a full day of demo and lecture followed by a practical the class feels slower paced, but I feel I'm learning more. It's kind of weird. We are also receiving a lot of anecdotes   about the industry and their experience from the chefs. It's very interesting!

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