Thursday, November 18, 2010

F3- Written Test 1

Phase 3, Week 2, Day 7

Got and 89% on the written test. Not too bad considering I missed 2 days. I was stumped a few times with some of the identifying of primal and sub primal cuts of meat. I'll need to go back and review that.

Our lecture covered chicken classifications, market forms, and a brief discussion about the difference between free range, organic, and farmed poultry. It's very interesting to get a Chef's point of view on such controversial topics. They don't seem to take a side really, but they weigh out all the options including but not limited to; cost, convenience, usability, availability, and demand. Choosing product is not just an ethical issue to them, their decisions are based on may layers of of things and how those things inter relate for the best result for their customer.

Chef Tim demoed grilled chicken, fruit salsa, and curried lentils. Stemming from that demo, I can't wait to go to CAC (Cuisine Across Cultures). Chef Tim typically teaches that class and his demo is infused with history of the foods he is preparing. You can tell he's holding back a bit because he doesn't want to repeat himself when we have that class in the spring. The history behind food is one of my favorite parts! He made his own curry and his fruit salsa was amazing! We will see how mine turns out tomorrow.

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