Sunday, November 28, 2010

Half Way Home!!!!

Phase 3, Week 3, Day 13

Today, I'm half way home literally! Not only is it a short week but today marks the half way point for me. Our last phase of the certificate program is an externship, and since I'll be doing mine in Springfield, I will be back home in 15 weeks. I can't believe it! 15 weeks and I'll be home! YEA!

In class today to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, we made rabbit. Just kidding. We didn't celebrate Thanksgiving, but we did make Braised Rabbit with Mustard Sauce, Fresh Carrot Pasta, and Snow Peas. A classic French dish.

I needed to redeem myself after yesterday's fiasco. Yesterday afternoon, I just slept and wallowed in self pity. Until, that is, my ex told me to get over myself. Everyone has a bad day, he said. Harsh, but true. I guess that's why he's my ex.....I digress.

For this practical we were just making one dish AND it was a joint effort. Which was very cool. First we had to break down the rabbit, which I did not enjoy. Chef Bruce made the mistake of equating the rabbit carcus to that of a cat, after that reference he lost me. We watched Chef demo the breakdown and perform two different cooking methods for rabbit. Chef Tim demoed fresh carrot pasta and holding methods and with a "bop on the head" we were off to cook.

Jeremy and I rocked today. Jeremy took the rabbit. Typically we share the process of breaking down the meat produce, but after the cat comment, I was done with rabbit. I took on the peas and fresh pasta. The instructors gave us some lientency as how to prepare our rabbit, what cuts, and what accompanying sauce to serve . We decided to plate two dishes,  I chose the hind quarters and Jeremy chose the loin. We agreed to serve the mustard sauce.

Our timing was impeccable. The dishes couldn't have turned out better. No negative remarks from the Chefs. And Chef Bruce even took a picture of our dishes! 100%

Rabbit, it's what's for dinner.

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