Wednesday, November 10, 2010

F3- Practical 1

Phase 3, Week 1, Day 3

Wow, a test already!!! We did not have time to prep anything yesterday after the Chef demo and a lecture on the composition of meat we ran out of time. So we started out the day with 30 minutes to prep for two dishes. Then we had 2 hours to prepare them.

1) Pork Loin, Braised Cabbage, Bulgar Pilaf, and Jus Lie
2) Beef Stew, Sauteed Vegetables, and Cocotte Potatoes

At first, I was thinking there was NO WAY we could get it all done. Jeremy and I just started down the list of Meis En Place. We could help each other do prep, but we had to prepare everything our selves. I cut the stew, he prepared the loin. We tourned our own vegetables, and started the pilaf. We just whittled down the list. We finished both dishes with 10 minutes left in class. Not too bad, and I didn't feel super rushed. The only weird part was we had an ingredient list but no instructions. We had to come up with that part on our own based on the demo and our past experience.

Pork Loin- Meat a bit over done (5 min), needed an odd number of pieces. Pilaf good flavor, but I forgot the the chopped chive for color. Cabbage was good. Presentation was very nice, he liked the dam I created with the pilaf.
Stew- Very nice flavor and consistency of the stew. Meat was good. Cocottes were over cooked. Veg were
good as well. (forgot to take a picture)

I didn't stay at the tasting table to get me grade. I'm sure I did ok...

What a difference a week makes.

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