Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Phase 3, Week 1, Day 3&4

I skipped days 3&4 to be in Springfield with my son for his third birthday. At first I was not going to go and just thought we could do it on the weekend and then I found out I had to work both Friday and Saturday. So I missed my first class in 13 weeks.

When I told Chef Bruce why I was going to miss class, he told me there wasn't much he could do for me according to school policy as a birthday is not an excused absence, but he told me I was making the right decision. Originally I intended on just missing the one day, Thursday. However, by the time I was ready to leave Springfield on Thursday night at 10 pm, I was way too tired to make the drive. I've made the drive between Springfield and St. Louis so many times by now I know when it's not safe for me to hit the road. Thus, I missed class number two and a test. Figures we'd have a test on Friday. There are no make up practicals, so I'm out the 100 pts for the test, and 200 pts each day for participation and attendance.

Even if I get a B in this class, it was worth spending the day with Rhys.
In the kitchen helping Mommy
Watching the magic happen!
Star Wars cookies we made together

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  1. You made the right choice!! He'll only turn 3 once! (I can't believe he is 3!!) Time moves too quickly these days.