Thursday, November 4, 2010

F2 Final Practical

Phase 2, Week 6, Day 27 & 28

For the final practical for F2 we were assigned 4 total dishes to prepare over 2 days. Each dish would consist of a protein, starch, vegetable, and a sauce.We didn't know what dishes we were going to make until that morning. I drew the following combinations:

Day 1
Fried Fish w/ Tartar
Pomme Fritse
Green Bean Saute

Roasted Chicken w/ Jus Lie
Rice Pilaf
Glazed Carrots

Day 2
Grilled Pork Chop w/ Sauce Chaucer
Parmisian Rissotto
Glazed Carrots

Beef Stew
Fried Eggplant
Rosti Potatoes

Roast Chicken
Plate one was actually pretty crappy. Things just did not flow well. In the first dish my stuuuuupid roast chicken would not cook! The chicken was in for almost 1.5 hours, and I was still concerned about it, but I was running out of time and I still had a whole other dish to prepare. I pulled it hoping it would continue to cook while I was getting everything else ready. Problem, the chicken took so long my carrots got cold, way cold. I rolled with it anyway....

Result: Very nice chicken (continued to cook while I waited to be graded ;0)), but don't put your sauce on top!!! Rice was a bit under done. Jus Lie was too thick. He liked the cuts of the carrots I used, but they were cold. 19.75/25. Ouch!!!!!

Fish n Chips
I was left with 25 minutes to complete the other dish!!! While waiting for the Stuuuuipd chicken I had preped all stuff for the second dish, so I basically threw it together. Luckily frying doesn't take long. Besides someone snagging the special plate I was going to use, this dish was decent. I made three little tents, 1 of green beans, fish, and fries. Kind of a tapas presentation.

Result: He like the presentation. Beans were good. Fish could have been cut differently, they looked like "fish sticks".Tartar had nice flavor. Fries were seasoned well but could have gone a bit longer in the fryer. 22/25 Better.

New day, new dishes. I drew two pretty easy ones for day two.

Beef Stew
I started with the stew because it always takes longer in the oven than you think it should. I whipped this out first and began mise en place for the second dish while the stew was in the oven. After some of the pieces were tender enough I fried the potatoes and dropped the eggplant. The challenge with this dish was going to be the plating. When I originally saw the dish components, I realized I needed a creative solution and mulled it over. I decided to stack the eggplant and potatoes in a base of the stew. One thing I learned very quickly was that you don't have to plate every bit of product you make. Use enough to look good, you don't need to plate a pound of rossoto or an entire bowl of stew...

Result: "Wow, that is a very nice solution to the beef stew problem. Hey Chef Ava, take a look at this!" When Adolf said that I knew it was going to be a good day. Potato and eggplant, good. Stew, tasty but beef could have gone even longer. 23/25 Awesome

Pork Chop
No issues or complications during the process of completing this dish. Even finished 20 minutes early. The rosotto and sauce chaseur were amazing together. I didn't know I could make stuff that good....

Result: Nice cuts on the carrots again, could have used more glaze. Pork, nice markings. Risotto, good a bit more pepper. 23/25

Overall and 87%. Our grades post on the school portal on Friday. I have no idea where I am at this point....
Roast Chicken
Pork Chop
Beef Stew

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