Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Written Test

Phase 2, Week 6, Day 26

Someone was looking out for me today!!! When I got to class at 6 am. Jeremy lent me his review notes from Monday. I looked over them briefly, cramming in all I could. As luck would have it, Adolf announced that we were to study for the first half hour of class as the F3 students took their written test. Hallelujah! I was saved!!!!! I took advantage of the 30 minutes and went over several additional things for the test that the boys had mentioned and I hadn't studied.

Result: 100% Oh, yeah!!!!!!!

Remainder of class was spent making things we had difficulty doing the first time around. I opted to write out preplists and timelines for the 8 dishes that were to be on our final in the next two days. So no cooking today.

1 comment:

  1. My Mom sent this comment via email:
    "Yes, you DID have someone looking over you. Keep up good work. I know yoe are satifcing some important"