Monday, November 1, 2010

Finals Week-Phase 2

Phase 2, Week 6, Day 26

Thank God!!!! I never thought this phase would end. Although I haven't said much about our instructors lately, they have a constant impact on our class. I've tried to give the benefit of the doubt and have even found myself finding positive attributes about each of them. But as soon as I do that, they piss me off. It's amazing. I definitely haven't had as hard of a time as others have had, I've just tried to brush it aside and move on. I've also tried to wait a few days before I blog about my classes so I don't spew forth as much venom. This technique has worked successfully, although several of my classmates have enjoyed my ranting and ravings about Adolf and Ava. They've even encouraged me to vent more through the blog. But I just didn't think that was wise. It IS the internet after all.

Last day before testing we did a cooking technique called Le Poeler. Apparently it doesn't have a literal translation.  Stupid French. Basically, the meat is seasoned, seared, roasted, and basted. To accomplish this technique we used a duck leg and thigh. Oddly enough, I had duck for lunch at Nonna's- go figure....

We also made a sauce using an edible mire poix or matingon.

I was not really "feeling" it today and was extremely tired. I just kind of went through the motions. I already missed Rhys, Halloween was super fun with him, and I think I'm getting sick....

Result: Could have seared the presentation side a bit more and the matigon could have been cooked longer. But very good flavor on all preparations.

To top it off, I found out this afternoon I have a test tomorrow in my class (thanks for the heads up Jeremy). The night class decided to take their test on Thursday. So, no class review for me. GREAT! I guess I'm studying when I get home at 10:30 pm tonight....

Ducked Out!!!!!

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