Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Festival

Phase 2, Week 5, Day 24

No Class due to the Fall Festival, which of course, I worked. The festival was fun, it had a chili cook off, pumpkin carving, pie eating, ice sculptures, and several demos. I helped w/ the pie eating contest (too funny), cleaning up the kitchens after all was said and done, and I helped at the LCB graduation ceremony that evening. I suckered Jeremy in to helping at both events and we meet a cool girl from the Baking and Patisserie program, Lauren, to boot. Not a bad day.

Here are some pictures from the Festival. LCB raised over $1,100 for the Ronald McDonald House from the various offerings through out the day....

Student Carvers having fun with the fall theme

A few pumpkins by class mates (not as cool at the STL Club pumpkins I would see on Friday)

Jeremy winning the pie eating contest, 1.75 pies in 10 minutes

Artisan breads by a visiting LCB instructor from Ottowa 

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