Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chapeau et Tabature

Phase 4, Week 2, Day 7

No lecture today. We are just concentrating on making types of lean bread products. Today we have our choice to make 2 of 4 sourdough products; Chapeau (hat), Boule (ball), Tabature (satchel), and Fougasse. We used a sourdough starter using the pre-frement method.

During the demo. I kept laughing when we talked about the Chapeau. Does anyone remember Pinwheel, the show from the 80's? They had a French claymation short called Chapi Chapo. I sang the dang theme song all morning and the kids thought I was nuts.

Jeremy and I decided to make the Chapeau and the Tabature. A girl needs accessories you know. Jeremy worked on the Chapeau and I took on the Tabature. Not too bad, I didn't think.

Our fashion accessories
A closer look at my clutch

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