Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Phase 4, Week 3, Day 12

Today we made pastry cream and put together our Napoleons. Napoleon pastry is known as mille-feuilles in France.  It consists of layers of puff pastry interspersed with pastry cream or whipped cream and iced with fondant and chocolate or with confectioner's sugar. It is believed to have been developed in France during the latter part of the 19th century. The Danish people have been told for generations that a Danish royal pastry chef invented the dessert way back in the 1800s on the occasion of a state visit between the Emperor Napoleon and the King of Denmark, in Copenhagen. Some sources believe that the chocolate lines on the pastry appear to form the letter 'N' for Napoleon. A second story or tale of its origin is that the dessert was really a French invention after all, and that it was Napoleon's favorite pastry. It is said that he ate so many of them on the the eve of Waterloo that he lost the battle. 

We also made Pastry Cream for the filling of the Napoleon. It is an example of a stirred custard that is most often used as a pie or cake filling. There are a few key tips to making pastry cream that are very important to follow. All your ingredients should be cold, your equipment should be clean and sanitized, it should be cooled quickly and kept cold. Pastry Cream easily can be contaminated with bacteria so sanitation is very important, no fingers in the pudding!!! 

We also played around and made some puff pastry fruit tarts with some left over cream and dough. Mmmm..

My favorite so far

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