Friday, February 4, 2011

Let them eat cake!

Phase 4, Week 4, Day 18

It is hard to get used to this class, some of the projects take several days to complete due to our class length. Today we began a layered chocolate butter cake with japonaise meringue filled with chocolate mousse. We completed the cake it's self and the japonaise meringue. A Japonaise meringue is a meringue with nuts or nut flour that has been baked or dried, typically shaped into a disk or daquois. We will use a disk for the base of the cake.

With cakes I've discovered the most important thing about them is volume or the loss there of.  Several steps during the preparation of making a cake should be taken to better ensure your cake has successful rise. During the mixing steps (depending on your mixing method) egg whites or foams should be folded in carefully. In the preparation of your pans, you should work with speed so as not to let your batter sit. Prepare your pans before mixing and grease or line the bottom of the pan only if your cake batter is made from a high fat formula. When filling, only fill the pan 1/2 to 2/3 full to allow for expansion and an increase in volume. During the baking process, be sure your oven temp is not too low of the cake will not rise and be very careful with opening and shutting the oven door, a slam will drop your cake for sure. Finally, be sure to let the cake cool the proper amount of time and remove it from the pan.  Hopefully, these little tips will help keep your cakes light and airy.

That's it for today....

Looks like little turds....

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