Thursday, February 3, 2011

A little white pepper with your quiche?

Phase 4, Week 4, Day 15

Today we finished our lemon meringue pie and made quiche from dough the class made on Monday. A few interesting notes about Pate Sucree Tart shells from today. The Pate Sucree shell is much like a cookie dough and has a few interesting techniques associated with it for it's preparation. Since often they are filled with cream fillings the shell is par baked. The dough is not rolled out, but worked into the tart pan with your hands. You can trim the top off with you rolling pin. Parchment paper is then dropped on top of the shell and the pan is filled with beans or rice (yup, you read right). The baking beans  help to bake the shell until the edges turn golden and then the beans are removed and the shell finishes on its own. Cool, uh?

Quiche is quiche. Jeremy and I scrounged around the other classes for ingredients for our quiche, to no avail. We did score some garlic and roma tomatoes. But that was it. It appears as if the new curriculum at school (the curriculum changed after our class enrolled) has better product but far less of it. Anyway we whipped up a tomato and basil quiche. But we did not account for the extra moisture in the tomatoes so the quiche did not quite set up right, and I also added too much white pepper. I wasn't paying attention to the amount I added as I was yapping away with Jarod. I added the entire amount in the portion cup Jeremy had gotten. What I didn't realize was it was only supposed to get a "pinch", I have no idea how much actually went in to it, but it was still tasty.

Lemon Meringue

Slightly peppery, but good

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