Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pie Dough

Phase 4, Week 4, Day 14

I attended the Monday evening class again this week. And as usual, they are not up to speed with the morning class. I sat through part 1 of the pie lecture again. We were supposed to produce blueberry pies and their dough was not prepared on Friday, so I completely missed making and the blueberry pie with lattice top which is going to be on our practical at the end of the week. It shouldn't be hard, but as always, the instructors are looking for specific things that the home baker might not do. So again, I'd be winging it.

We did, however, make 2 other types of crusts today. A key lime pie with a crumb crust and a tart shell (Pate Sucre or Short Dough) for a lemon meringue pie we will finish tomorrow.

Although I haven't made a Pate Brisee, or pie dough (yet), here are a couple of tips for avoiding soggy bottoms in your pie...

  • Fully bake the pie dough, it shouldn't look doughy
  • Use a mealy* dough for the bottom crust, it will absorb moisture
  • Do not add a hot filling to an unbaked crust
  • When parbaking, dock the bottom and brush with an egg wash before baking
  • Fully baked tart dough cam be painted w/ chocolate to waterproof the crust
*There are two types of dough for pies, mealy and flakey. The difference being how the fat is blended with the flour and the amount of water necessary in the dough due to how the fat is incorporated.

Key lime is not easily cut...


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