Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Blue Neckie

Phase 2, Week 2, Day 6

A few weeks ago I submitted my application to be a Student Ambassador for the school. There is a few criteria, attendance, GPA, professionalism, and you have to submit an essay and have an instructor recommendation. I found out today that I was accepted! Being apart of this group is kind of like student council. We plan community events, school events and fundraisers, and attend other events as representatives of the school. Apparently this last perk is very worth while and allows you to network and learn from chefs in the industry. You also get a blue neckie or cravat. This makes you stand out a bit in class, everyone else wears white. When I put it on, it almost felt like a target, not a distinction. But, I was very  happy and excited to join the group at our first meeting before class began Monday evening. We immediately began discussing the new "regime" as the past president just stood down this week because he made it onto the LCB Competition Team. Apparently, the team requires a ton of out of school time for studying and practicing. Who  knew?

Class was pretty good as well. I like Chef Kim a lot. She's tough, but a great teacher. I told her I wanted to change to her class, and she was flattered. She demoed for us the three Demi Glace sauces my class made a few days ago. But, this time I actually got to taste them and see what they should look like. This demo especially important to me because the consistency of a sauce is so critical. I had not been able to understand the concept before. To be a Saucier is very difficult. Possibly the most skillful position in the kitchen. Not all chefs can master the nuances of taste, texture, and mouth-feel of sauces. For instance, most sauces should be Nappe or coat the back of a spoon. This consistency allows for the sauce to drape the food nicely, it's not too runny nor to thick.

I got another run at the three Demi sauces before our sauce practical tomorrow. Which was awesome.However,  I am bit concerned about the written test this week. Jeremy told me earlier today that our written test would be tomorrow, but Chef Kim assures me it will be Friday. I hope she's right!

Chef Kim Demo

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  1. I am proud of you Allison! You will be great a great student ambassador. I miss you and I hope I get to visit soon. The way work is going it may not be until after Relay U :) Keep up the great work!