Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Incredible Edible Egg

Phase 2, Week 4, Day 17

Eggs. Finally, some breakfast food at 6 am and not risotto or green beans! Egg cookery is actually a pretty difficult thing to master, additionally everyone is so particular how they like their eggs cooked it's kind of like you are fighting a loosing battle before you even take the field. A few tips and tricks from Adolf:

  • Add vinegar to your poaching water to help speed up the cooking process of the white
  • There should be no brown on your finished egg product (including fried eggs)
  • Take your time cooking eggs, to high of heat will brown your egg.
  • Hard Boiled eggs should actually be simmered, not boiled.
  • If the yolk in your hard cooked egg is green, it's over cooked. The green coloration is sulfur-dioxide.
  • The different grades of eggs have different applications.
    • AA- Poached or Fried
    • A- Hard cooked
    • B- Baking
  • Don't crack your egg directly into your pot/pan, always open it into a bowl or other container.
  • Teflon is an omelet's best friend
  • French omelets are rolled and American omelets are folded..
  • And yes, omelets are supposed to be runny....
Today was fun. We were to make a single fried egg-over easy, a parsley and scallion 2 egg omelet, and eggs benedict.  I was psyched! I LOVE eggs benedict. It is my total favorite breakfast food and I get to make it from scratch. Well mostly, we didn't make the english muffins.

It was a good day from the judges too! I am expanding my use of culinary vocabulary and by doing this I am able to have a valuable critique that I can build upon.

Fried Egg: Very good, slight browning on 1/4 of the edge. But overall good. Key, take your time.

Omelet: Very nice flavor, too much garnish. (sorry, no picture)

Eggs Benedict: Egg cooked perfect, hollendaise good. "Overall, very tasty. However, DO NOT put a garnish on a dish just for color. It is not functional and therefore a waste of time!" Ok, I think I got that bit of advice down....

Fried egg w/ brown along the top right edge.
Eggs Bene w/ non functioning garnish

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