Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Soufflé Cup Decree

Phase 2, Week 2, Day 9

We are moving right along through soups. Our little group or "the Gang" as we have been termed by Eva is doing quite well. We work very well together and split our tasks and prep up amongst each other and then cook on our own. This method seems to make a lot of sense and is quite efficient. We are the only group to consistently gets all the recipes done from day to day. You may remember from last week the post with the picture of our mise en place and all the little cups. We had been chided by the Foundations III instructor about the cups. Yesterday another comment was made by Adlof about the cups, "We'd have more cups left if everyone didn't need their own damn cup for everything." And he may be right. It's for sure that in the "real world" we won't have soufflé cups. But we are also not prepping for 16 individual dishes in the "real world" either. You would be prepping ingredients for the day and line cooks or buffet chefs would be pulling from that product as needed. I could see what was coming next (although no one believed me).

Sure 'nough, today, no more soufflé cups. It was deemed as too wasteful and too expensive. Yes, the cups were not very green, that's true. But hey, I'm paying $124 a day to go here. So if I need soufflé cups to help me get a grasp of portioning and ingredient guesstimation then I'm gonna use $124 worth of product. Sorry, off my soap box (again). That seems to be happening a lot this phase....

We needed a new game plan. We began to combine ingredients and portion out as we were cooking, this worked out ok, because everyone was cognizant of their amounts, thus no one got shafted. Though on a hectic day I could see that happening.

The result: A Shrimp Bisque with very nice color (yeah) and a "good" Caldo Verde. Sorry no pictures today.

The Soufflé Cup decree officially circumvented.

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