Friday, October 22, 2010

Le Braisier

Phase 2, Week 4, Day 19

No, not like a bra. Like braising. Braising is a two step process that involves searing and then slow cooking in a liquid in the oven. For example, chili is braised. There are two different types of braising au brun (brown) and au blanc (white or no browning). We did a beef stew and a chicken fricassee today to cover both types.

Results: Stew- needed more "sauce" and to cook a bit longer in the oven. The meat was still tough. I thought that implied it was over done, in fact, it's the opposite. The beef needed to cook longer in order to break down the meat and denature it, making it more tender.

Chicken- Not bad. Chicken was good. Sauce was not. I accidently added too much lemon and there was no going back from there. Oops!

Beef Stew

Chicken Friccasse

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