Saturday, October 16, 2010

Step One: Make Pasta

Phase 2, Week 3, Day 15

Yup, that's what we were told. To make fresh pasta it is just three easy steps.

 1) Make Pasta,
 2) Roll it out,
 3) Cut it.

Gee, thanks! Luckily he decided to demo it for us, or we may have had some issues. I'm beginning to get the idea that Adolf just likes to push our buttons. Actually, I know that's a fact. When you know it, it's easier to call him on it and he likes that too.

Making pasta actually it not that difficult and doesn't have many more steps than the three above. I've posted some pictures of the fresh pasta making process below, minus the rolling. We made a "volcano" on the table, yes, the table. No bowl here. and using a fork we incorporated the ingredients slowly adding flour as the hole of the volcano expanded. Very cool! We used a simple pasta roller, you can find them at Feller's Fixtures. We just bought another one for the restaurant last Monday. TO cut the fettuccine we used an accordion cutter from Baking and Pastry.  Everyone should try making fresh pasta at least once. It's actually kind of fun!

In class, we were supposed to make fettuccine (the French version, yes, there are multiple versions) and mushroom ravioli. But, we made the pasta in steps as a class, it was such a lengthy process. Thus, we didn't get to the ravioli today, maybe on Monday? Too bad, I LOVE stuffed pasta!

Factoid of the day:
Northern Italy is known for using more fresh pasta and cream sauces because eggs and cream are more readily available given their climate. Southern Italy uses more dried pastas and tomato sauces given their humid climate and growing conditions.

Fail! Apparently our half of the class missed the memo about making the French version of fettuccine, reduced cream sauce with white pepper. We ALL made the Italian version, basically parmigiana, pasta water, and black pepper. Eva flipped her wig on us!!!! Ooops! To top it off, my noodles were soooooo thin, they cooked in 2 minutes, so they were way over done by the time I sauted them while making my sauce. They turned to mush.

Kneeding "Look, Ma! No Mess!"
Preparing the "volcano" before kneeding

Cutting using a pastry accordion cutter

Gluten Glob

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