Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sauce Practical

Phase 2, Week 2, Day 7

Week took our sauce practical today. Let's just say I won't be applying for a Saucier job anytime soon. We were counted off into threes and each number was associated with three sauces. I had, Sauce Robert, Bearnaise, and Merchand de Vin. We were given a two hour time allotment to make the three sauces. I was comfortable with my draw of sauces. My Robert last night turned out pretty well, and I thought I new how to fix my Bearnaise if it was runny again. So let's get to it!!!

Everything fell into place and I had no issues in the production. Of course we all were required to do everything ourselves, no teamwork today. You just have to remember to take your time, think things through, and yet still move with a since of urgency and purpose.

The result: An effing C+! My Sauce Robert was "nice"-an 8. The Merchand de Vin was over reduced, but still Napee, and had nice flavoring otherwise- a 7. The Bearnaise began down the same road as my practice run. I knew NOT to cook it. Someone told me last week to add more butter; that didn't seem right. So I whisked the crap out of it and it thickened up. Go figure. I was told it was "excellent, but could use a bit more...cayenne."- an 8. Really!? A hint more cayanne was worth two points!?

Well, at least this test is only like 3% of my grade and we are moving on to soups tomorrow. Rock On!

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