Sunday, October 10, 2010

Caught With My Pants Down

Phase 2, Week 2, Day 10

We had our first written test today. Let's just say the results were less than favorable for me and for many of my classmates. Many of us scored As on our tests last phase today, Bs and Cs. 'What happened!?', you ask. Well our instructor did not prepare us for the information on the test. He doesn't make up the test, but he is responsible for making sure we get the information we need. Now, don't get me wrong, I've had tough teaches before and that's fine, but don't blind side me. Telling us that our test will be over soups, stocks, and sauces encompasses a lot of information. When you have a "review" for a test in class, maybe we should cover the topics of the questions that are going to be asked more in-depth and not just read 10 questions from the test and call it good. Needless to say, I was shocked at some of the questions on the test and at my final score. That will not happen to me again. I now understand, that I will need to get all of my information for this class from the book. I'll just have to guess at the pages we will be responsible for since chapters or reading is never assigned, but I'll be damed if he'll make a fool of me twice....

After the general merriment of the test was over we moved on to the topic of Rice.

Today, we got our first chef demo of the Phase. I hope Adolf begins to do more demonstrations. They help in explaining a few things as we move along and also fill in some of the gaps we have about processes. We made Rice Pilaf and Rissoto alla Parmigiana. Both of which are more of methods than specific dishes. The Pilaf method is made with a long grain rice where water is added to the rice and covered and the dish is then baked. There is very little agitation done to the rice during the process because you don't want your end product to be stuck together but rather fluffy so you can see the individual pieces of rice. The Pilaf method is opposite of the Rissoto method. Rissoto uses a short grain rice, typically Arborio. Short grain rice has more starch which is necessary to get the creamy texture of Rissoto. Instead of adding all the water at once, like in the Pilaf method, you would add your liquid (possibly a stock) to the rice a ladle at a time until it is absorbed and repeat the process string consistently. The end product should be creamy and moist The process should take about 30 minutes.

Result: My Rissotto was "very good". I did not submit my Pilaf because it was too oily and not quite done when our submission time ended. I'll have to try again next time. If there is a next time....

Finished Rissotto alla Parmigana

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