Sunday, October 3, 2010

Longest Week Ever!

Finally, it’s FRIDAY!!! We discussed emulsion sauces (think Hollendaise) and the different types. Permanent, like mayo or  Hollendaise; and Temporary, like a vinaigrette. We are making Beurre Blanc, Beurre Rouge and a Bearnaise today.

Things went pretty well, considering we have no idea what these sauces are supposed to look like or taste like. So your guess is as good as mine. I guess it’s kind of like when you make a new recipe at home, and you don’t know how it’s supposed to turn out. But, at home, 2 chefs aren’t critiquing your end product either.  I had no problem with the Buerre Blanc or Beurre Rouge and received favorable comments. However, my Bearnaise was super runny. It is supposed to be a derivative of a Hollendaise. So it should be fairly thick in nature. Mine wasn’t. When I presented it to Adolph, he asked what I though was wrong with it. I said, "It's runny". "How would you fix it?", he retorted. "Reduce it?", I said. He responded, "You have time, go do that…."

I did.

Do you know what happens when you heat eggs above 140 degrees? They cook and your sauce breaks.

Ok, I should have known this fact and was not thinking along those lines…. But, I did not feel he was using this as a learning experience. But more, something for his amusement.  If he wanted me to bring it back to him or let him know what happened after I cooked my eggs,and explain the process that would be one thing. But, I felt like I was set up for failure. BTW, I was not the only one he told to heat their Bearnaise. URGH!

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