Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stuff it!

Phase 2, Week 5, Day 23

Ok- this is random. Today we made two types of stuffed  or farcie chicken. Not the stuffed kind like a chicken filled with stuffing, but more like a pasta is stuffed with a filling. We completed two types of stuffed chicken:

Chicken Brest Dora is a breast stuffed with herbs, sour cream, and bread crumbs. It is served with tourned cucumber and white wine and sour cream sauce. The breast is pounded, stuffed, and rolled into a tube and deep poached.

Ballotine de Poulet is a stuffed chicken leg and thigh meat. The bone is removed and the chanel it created is stuffed with a mixture of shallot, carrot, celery, and panko. The leg is then rolled, tied and seared. It is finished in the oven (braised) and served with a sauce of bacon, pearl onion, and mushrooms.

It as very good we thought. Jeremy and I teamed up for this on. Instructor comments were quite different.
Dora- Good. Better cucumber tournes and more pepper. I personally loved it!!!!
Ballotine- Good. Needs more seasoning in filling and could have been seared longer.

Ballotine de Poulet

Stuffed Chicken Breast Dora

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