Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fish and Chip Friday

Phase 2, Week 4, Day 20

Written Test Results: 91%, now that's more like it!!!!!!

Today was all about Frying or Le Frier. We fried up some pieces of sole and pommes frites, or french fries w/ tartar sauce. I'm more of a vinegar with my fish and chips gal myself, but apparently that wasn't an option. There are two types of frying; battered and breaded. I know. you are asking "what about french fries?" They aren't battered or breaded. And they are the exception to the rule....they do have a little trick to them though. After they are cut, wash them and dry them thoroughly. This will get off the excess starch and help them crisp up. ALso, fries are made in two steps just like other veggies, blanch them in the fryer for 3-4 minutes at 375 and them cook them at 325 for another 3-4 minutes until golden.

Breading is a fairly easy process. But can be messy. There are typically three compartments you need for breading.
1) Seasoned flour, always season your flour-that is what is directly touching your product not the coating
2) egg wash, generally made from egg and milk or water
3) coating, can be anything from bread crumbs, panko, herbs, cereal, cornmeal, crackers, etc....

Results: Nice presentation, good frities and tartar. Fish had nice color, but was not thoroughly cooked. Bonus, the instructors took the blame for it, because it was still partially frozen when we got it. They didn't mention that the fish needed to be fully thawed, because the cooking process of frying would not finish the fish for us. As is the case with many other processes.

Mmmm.... Fish and Chips at 8 am.

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