Friday, October 1, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

Phase 2, Week 1, Day 3

First off we discussed the procedure for chicken stock and then moved on to thickening agents. Thickening agents obviously thicken your sauces, they might include roux, reduction, puree, potatoes, or other starches. There are a lot more than you would think. A minimum of 12, that I could count.

We discussed the recipes and procedures for the mother sauces and secondary sauces that we were going to make for the day. Bechamel yields Mornay and Veloute will yield Aurora and Supreme. And with that we were cut loose! We had 2 hours to make 5 sauces and clean the kitchen. GO!

AHH! Well luckily I had learned a great deal about taking your time but moving quickly both from FI and my job. So the boys and I divided tasks and set off to make out Mise En Place. Things were a bit chaotic and very fast paced. We where making sauces that we’d never seen made or even tasted so it was anyone’s guess as to how they were going to turn out. I felt like I was left to the dogs.

Results; My Mornay was pretty good and cheesy. The Aurora, was so-so. My Supreme was a bit lemony, oops.

Positive note;  Ava asked if I was currently working in the industry and I responded “a little bit” and she said “you can tell“.

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