Thursday, October 7, 2010

Simple Ingredients Done Right

Phase 2, Week 2, Day 8

Soups or Potage are typically fairly easy to make. Being so simple, they often truly reflect the quality of the ingredients you use to produce it. They key to good soup is to use the best ingredients and to do the procedure correctly.

Soups come in three different types; Clear or Un-thickened, Thick like a cream or bisque, and specialty which encompasses everything else. Below are some specific definitions for different soups you might see on a given menu.

Puree- A soup that is naturally thickened  by pureeing one or more main ingredient
Cream- A soup that is thickened with a roux, beurie manie, or liasion.
Bisque- Must be made from shellfish and cream. (A tomato bisque is not a bisque but a puree)
Chowder- Typically made with shellfish, but not always. Must contain potato, dairy product, and pork product.

Today we made French Onion and New England Clam Chowder. Mmm...mmm...Good.

French Onion is super easy and cheep to make!!! The key is the thinly sliced onion and cooking them  low and slow to get their full flavor out.

Onion you can almost see through  

My two soups for the day.

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